Stay On Plan Through the Holidays

online course with Certified THM Coach Jen

Don't get derailed this holiday season! 

From Halloween candy to Thanskgiving to Christmas dinner - I've got you covered!

I'll show you how to..

  • Say no to sugar
  • Indulge in AMAZING, slimming holiday treats
  • Recover if you ever choose to go off-plan
  • Start the New Year off on the right foot
  • Track your pathway to success

Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to worry about damage control after the holidays? Think about how nice it would feel if you were THAT much closer to your goals on January 1, instead of starting over (again). What if you had an on-plan, guilt-free holiday season to enjoy with your family?  

After nearly ten years on plan, I've done the holidays both ways - off-plan and on-plan. I can tell you with certainty that the years I've stuck to Trim Healthy Mama 100% through the holiday season have been the BEST! I always felt great, made progress towards my goals, and most importantly - I did NOT feel deprived at all! 

I want to help you get the same guilt-free, healthy holiday experience - with the most delicious THM recipes out there! As a Certified THM Lifestyle Coach, I'm ready to help you stick to it through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! 

Here's what's included...

Video coaching sessions with tips, ideas, and suggestions to help make it through the holidays without cheating!  

Tips and recipe ideas for Halloween and meal plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas (and options for eating at other people's homes as well!), and ideas for feeding family members who do not want to eat on-plan with you this year. 

Recipes, tips and ideas for a simplified (and delicious) on-plan holiday season!

Printable digital workbook and other helpful printables to help you learn and stay on track!

If you want some instruction to help you through a delicious, on-plan holiday season that will help you move closer to your goals, sign up here!

Price: $99

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