Master Classes make it easy. Become a Meal Planning Ninja, a Fuel Cycle Fanatic, and so much more.

Six Master Classes with Certified THM Coach Jen to simplify the plan and help you make THM a lifestyle, not just a diet - even if you feel like you don't have time, energy, or willpower. Six Sessions, over 80 pages of printables, 79% off for a VERY limited time.

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Please note that these are my most popular classes and were not recorded new again. If you've taken one in the past, you'll now be getting access to the other "Best of" Master Classes at an incredible price! I'm not able to section the bundle out for individual classes or refund portions of payments because these Master Classes are being offered at over 80% off!

Six Master Classes, one VERY low intro price!

You'll get access to six classes -

  • Meal Planning Master Class (57 minutes)
  • Break Free from Cheating Master Class (31 minutes)
  • THM Made Easy (41 minutes)
  • Fuel Cycle Master Class (73 minutes)
  • Deep, Heavy, and Light S Meals (31 minutes)
  • and Staying On Plan for the Holidays and Special Occasions (44 minutes)
  • These classes and their respective printable workbooks are valued at $47 each - $282 total. By purchasing the Master Class Bundle, you'll get all six for just $59! This is a very, VERY limited time introductory offer!!
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Master Classes for

Trim Healthy Mamas

with Certified THM Lifestyle Coach Jen

Learn how to stay on plan even if you don't have time, energy, or willpower!

These classes take deep dives into Meal Planning, Fuel Cycles, Simplifying the Plan, Staying on Plan (even when it's hard!), Heavy, Deep, and Light S meals, and so much more!



Certified THM Lifestyle Coach

A Trim Healthy Mama veteran since 2012 and mom of five, Jen has perfected the systems and strategies that make THM a long-term success. Her THM tips and hacks will make it easier than ever to get on plan and stay on plan!

Her website was listed in the THM Plan Book as a Meal Planning Resource, and her Brownie Batter in a Mug recipe was featured in the book Trim Healthy Table.

Jen has been a coach since the coaching program opened and has helped hundreds of women find success on THM!

After purchase you’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to run Master Classes with Coach Jen - even if the class is updated with new videos and printables!

What you'll learn:

THM Meal Planning &

Fuel Cycles for Stubborn Weight

How to stay on plan if you're too tired, too busy, or just don't feel like eating THM foods (even on holidays and special occasions!)

How to simplify the plan to make it easier to follow so you can stay on plan no matter what